27. The role and the importance of consuming of aquatic products in human nutrition

Author: Fotea Lenuţa, Elena Costăchescu, Gabriel Vasile Hoha, Doina Leonte, Raluca Donosă, C. Leonte

DOI: n/a


This study represents a conceptual framework based on the theory of planned behaviour to determine the awareness of fish consumption benefits, the customer preferences regarding aquatic products and which are the causes and the barriers in acquiring those products. The results showed that all the respondents know which are the basic nutritional benefits of aquatic products consumption; 48% prefer aquatic products when they are asked to choose between different types of meat, 86% consume aquatic products, 70% prefer fresh aquatic products when they are asked to choose from different assortments; regarding the consumption frequency: 64% consume monthly, 15% consume weekly, 18% occasional and 3% don’t consume. Concerning the place preferred by consumers to buy different assortments, the results were 60% prefers producers’ stores from agro-food markets for fresh fish, 95% prefer hypermarkets for different aquatic products. It can be concluded that the aquatic products are well known and consumed, pointing a good knowledge of the benefits of a healthy diet. The fish is a safe alternative in diet diversification and in changing the consumer attitudes towards the fish meat and this may be achieved by family influence, educational system and society.