The peer-review process can be briefly summarized into several steps as follows:

  1. The authors received an authentic entry number for each successfully submitted manuscript.
  2. The manuscript undergoes a preliminary assessment for its compliance with the requirements of the Agricultural sciences which are presented on the internet page of the Journal.
  3. The manuscript is peer-review by two independent, qualified referees who are specialists in the scientific area of the manuscript research.
  4. The authors received a detailed report which contains the recommendations and remarks made by the referees.
  5. The anonymity and confidentiality are strictly kept during the peer-reviewed process and neither authors nor referees are encouraged to reveal their identity or to comment on any personally sensitive matters related to the manuscript.
  6. The authors are advised to contemplate and take into account the referee recommendations and remarks and are encouraged to make any reasonable and suitable corrections and amendments which ultimate purpose is to increase the scientific value of the manuscript. In case of partial or complete disagreement with the recommendations in the referees report the authors have the right to make objections but are obliged to provide the necessary explanations on the subject matter. In such cases the Editor-in-chief appoints a third referee – the super referee. After the report of the third referee the final decision about publishing the manuscript is made by the Editor-in-chief and the Editorial board of the of the Journal.
  7. The corrected according to the referee’s recommendations manuscript is further processed by a language editor. According to the Journal requirements the authors bear the full responsibility of the writing style, vocabulary and the scientific terminology used in the manuscript. The task of the language editor is to correct some insignificant grammar and punctuation errors throughout the manuscript.
  8. The manuscript authenticity is checked by a program for plagiarism.
  9. The final decision for manuscript publishing is made by the Editor-in-chief and the Editorial board of the Journal in an official meeting. The meeting minutes are written as an official record of decisions and discussion made during the board meeting.
  10. The manuscript text, tables, figures and supplements, if there are any, are subject to a final technical processing before being posted on the Journal internet page.
  11. The authors are promptly informed about the publishing of the manuscript via email to the corresponding author after the posting of the full issue on the Journal internet page.
  12. The authors who would like their research to be accessible prior to the posting of the full issue can request inclusion in the section ahead-of-print of the Journal. This can be done with the permission granted by the Editor-in-chief but no sooner than the successful completion of peer-review process.