3. Signum WG and possibilities to control lettuce gray mould

Author: Miroslav Tityanov, Sergei Bistrichanov, Milena Dimova

DOI: n/a


Gray mould (botrytis), caused by the Botrytis cinerea Pers agent, develops and causes serious damage to vegetables (including lettuce), both during vegetation and storage. The emergence and development of the disease can greatly reduce the yield and decrease the production quality. Mainly treatments with fungicides have been used to control it, but researchers try to find alternatives. In 2012 we tested the efficacy of the commercial product Signum WG (a. boksalid 267 g/kg + pyraclostrobin 67 g/kg) in a dose of 100 g/da. on the lettuce variety Lollo Rosso and compared with the control – untreated plants. Testing was performed according to the requirements of guidelines № 181, 152 and 135 OERR, methodology № PP 1/54/3/ EPPO and national methodology № F 1/28/2/. The product is completely selective for the crop, performing a contact and systemic action of a simultaneously preventing and curing effect. The efficacy of the tested dose of Signum WG showed a very good fungicidal action. Phytotoxicity has not been registered and the product can be recommended for control against botrytis gray mould in lettuce.