“Agricultural Sciences” is an open access journal that publishes original full-length research articles and reviews in the field of agronomy (Plant Physiology, Botany and Agrometeorology, Plant Genetics and Breeding, Farming and Herbology, Animal Science, Crop Science, Agrochemistry and Soil), viticulture and horticulture (Viticulture, Fruit-Growing, Horticulture, Agricultural Machinery, Melioration), plant protection (Entomology, Phytopathology, Ecology, Agroecology, Microbiology, General Chemistry), agricultural economics and agricultural tourism worldwide.
The driving force of the journal is the editors’ team – with members from the University and international members; the team collects articles and is responsible for their review. The final decision for publishing the presented copies is made by the editors’ team on the basis of the opinion of the reviewers appointed by it.
Editing, preparation of articles for print and printing the journal is carried out in the Academic Publishing House of the Agricultural University.
The language of the journal is English.



“Agricultural Sciences” follows the standards for Ethics and Publication Malpractice set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Conformance to standards of ethical behaviour is therefore expected of all parties involved: authors, reviewers, editors, and the publisher.
All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by 2 independent reviewers. After the final edition and approval by the Editorial Board, the manuscript will be accepted for publication.



Submitted manuscripts are checked for plagiarism and auto-plagiarism!
All submissions are checked for plagiarism by using online available tools as StrikePlagiarism and Grammarly.