2. Influence of some herbicides and different densities of johnson grass on the quality of mid-early and late potatoes for processing

Author: Shteliyana Kalinova, Galina Pevicharova, Angel Hristoskov

DOI: n/a


Qualitative characteristics of two potato varieties – Agria and Sante, treated with soil or foliar herbicides and those grown at Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers densities of 0 n./m2, 1 n./m2, 2 n./m2, 4 n./m2 and 8 n./m2, was carried out. The applied herbicides were: Dual Gold 960 EC, Raft 400 SC, Rilley 90 EC, Stomp Nоv 330 EC, Pledge 50 WP, Agil 100 EC, Targa Super 5 EC and Fusilade forte.

The change in the average overall sensory evaluation of the variants with herbicides and the variants with а different density of Johnson grass shows that there is a genotypic response to the suitability of potatoes for processing of the Sante and Agria cultivars depending on the growing method.