1. Correlation dependences between essential amino acids above-ground biomass in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Author: Atanas Sevov, Velika Kuneva


The present study aims at evaluating the influence of Reni preparations content on essential amino acids in aboveground biomass from the alfalfa varieties Multifolium 1 and Legend using correlation analysis. Three -year data from field experience conducted in the experimental field of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv in the period 2017-2019 were used.

As a result of the analysis, correlations were found between the studied indicators in both varieties For Multifolium 1 the strongest positive correlation was reported between the amino acids valine and isoleucine (r = 0.981), threonine and phenylalanine (r = 0.980); and for Legend variety – between the indicators isoleucine and leucine (r = 0.995), lysine and threonine r = 0.966).

The correlations between the accumulation of methionine and other amino acids were mathematically unproven.

Keywords: alfalfa, amino acids, correlation