12. Studi on the environment in housing for dairy cattle

Author: Smilyana Tasheva, Rumyana Ivanova


The present study evaluates the environment in three buildings used for rearing dairy cattle, living in separate boxes on deep litter bedding. Both the construction and technical and technological features of the buildings as well as their zoo – hygienic indexes were analysed. Technologically, all buildings provide enough relative area per each animal – respectively 34%, 91,6% and 56, 6%. Only in building 1, it was ascertained that the built-up area per animal is between 33,6 and 46,5%. The feeding zones in building 1 and 2 are sufficient and even more spacious than the recommended, while in building 3 the feeding area is 6,5% smaller.
Of all parameters characterising the environment, the temperature and the relative humidity in the controlled buildings during the three seasons are relatively the same. There are noticeable differences in building 2 and the other buildings when it comes to the cooling value. Lower values of lighting and bed temperature are measured in building 3 during all three seasons.

Keywords: dairy cows, living environment, comfort, welfare