2. Economic efficiency of the organic produced grapes from Velika variety depending on soil surface maintenance

Author: Vasko Koprivlenski, Boyan Stalev, Veselin Ivanov


During the period 2009 – 2011 economic analysis was made related to the biological production of table grape variety Velika becoming more popular in Bulgaria. This is an important moment in the practical orientation of farmers who decided to deal with the biological production of table grapes of this variety. Economic analysis shows that there are conditions for growing the Velika variety on such proposed technological solutions to bigger and larger areas. The increase of production and economic size of farms, which grow organic grapes, results in the provision of higher labor productivity by mechanization of the technological processes. Economies of scale are made to reduce the operating costs of growing vines. Production of large consignments of high quality is able to compete in the foreign markets. Environmental effect and production of healthy and safe food is aimed.

Keywords: economic efficiency, table grape producing, Velika variety