4. Seed propagation of Tilia Sp. – agrobiological and technological aspects

Author: Valentin Panchev


Tilia is a widely applied tree for urban and suburban landscaping. The traditional propagation of these species is possible to be carried out through wood and semi wood cuttings as well as shots. One of the poorly studyied methods with high perspective is seed propagation. This method for propagation is related to high difficulties due to a strong dormancy in linden seeds. The main aim of this review is to identify and analyze the main and modern scientific researches concerning the seed propagation of different species of the genus Tilia. In this article was included the main aspects of biological behaviours and technological ways about propagation with seeds of a linden tree.

The main problems of seed maturity, the moment of their harvest, the seed development characteristics and the reasons for the difficulties in this way of decomposition are examined. At the same time, questions about technological practices and growing conditions are also included.

Keywords: dormancy, germination, sprouting, harvest, linden