3. Colorimetric detection of arsenic(iii) in aqueous solution based on aptamer

Author: Xijia Yang, Dan Zhang, Dimitar Terziev, Ralitsa Terziyska, Dongwei Zhang, Yang Liu, Xunfeng Chen, Pei Zhou


Inorganic arsenic is considered to be the most toxic form of the element and exists in groundwater and surface water, which has threatened human health. Based on aptamer’s superior biologic characteristics, three colourimetric methods were established to satisfy the demands of rapid and on-site detection. All sensing methods exhibited high selectivity for arsenic(III), and the detecting limits were even down to 5.3, 0.6 and 6ppb respectively, indicating a promising future in environmental detection of arsenic(III).

Keywords: aptamer, arsenic(III), colourimetric detection, water quality