5. Opportunities for production of pear trees in one-year-old nursery

Author: Georgi Govedarov


Studied were the opportunities for one-year production of pear trees from the Cure and Passe Crassane varieties, budded on the quince rootstocks Quince Provence, MA, BA 29 and B 12. For the purpose, the traditional method – a T-budding of a sleeping bud was compared to an accelerated method – a T-budding of an awake bud. It was found that the planted rootstocks were caught very well in both cases. Sleeping bud budding accelerates interception with 2–4 days.

The average duration of capture for a sleeping bud is 21,24 days, and 22,86 days for an awake bud. At both varieties, the buds were the fastest to an interception on BA 29, the percentage was the highest on B 12 and a relatively lower percentage on MA. On the rootstocks, Quince Provence, MA and B 12 buds grafted in the spring intercepted better.

Тhe early spring recovery on a soft motion at quince rootstocks, combined with a high level of agrotechnology, allow being produced standard pear trees for one year in a nursery.

Keywords: Quince rootstocks, Pear variety, accelerated production