2. An overview of oil-bearing roses in China

Author: Li Ma, Nan Zhang, Shuying Li, Hui Wang, Mariana Petkova, Lei Yao


Essential oils from roses enjoy worldwide popularity due to their favourable aroma and diverse biological activities. Introduction and cultivation of oil-bearing roses is an essential step toward industrialization of the essential oils as enjoyable natural flavours and fragrances. China is the largest oil-bearing rose grower and has a long history of essential oil usage. In view of this, here, we generalized, in China, the status of introduction and cultivation of domestic and exotic oil-bearing roses, the chemical composition of the essential oils, as well as their hypnotic effect, one representative advance in functional analysis. The minireview enables quicker learning of the status of oil-bearing roses in China and provides informative guidance for further scientific research.

Keywords: oil-bearing roses, cultivation, essential oils, chemical composition, hypnotic effect