1. Plant community investigation and landscape optimization design in rural Bulgaria

Author: Xin Xu, Anze Liang, Bozhidar Ivanov, Hrabrin Bachev, Yuwen Zhou, Shengquan Che


The problem of rural development in Bulgaria is urgent because of the gradual decline of rural population loss and ageing. The development of rural tourism was seen as an appropriate way to revitalize the Bulgarian countryside. The quality of plant community landscape is very important to the development of rural tourism. Plant community has an ecological function, aesthetic function and genetic value, so it is of great value to design plant landscape that takes an aesthetic function and ecological function into consideration. In this study, the „Braun-Blanquet“ investigation method was adopted to record the data of the 4 most common types of plant habitats (roadside, residential courtyard, waterside and forestland) in the countryside through field investigation in the Bulgarian countryside. Firstly, the species composition of the whole plant community was analyzed, then the landscape evaluation of each habitat was carried out and the optimal design strategy was proposed. Finally, according to the results of landscape analysis, referring to the plant community structure of high landscape quality in each habitat, the optimization pattern of plant community was proposed to provide a reference for optimizing rural landscape and depositing tourism development in Bulgaria.

Keywords: Bulgaria, Landscape pattern design, rural plant community