2. Chinese-Bulgarian cooperation in the agricultural science – present and future

Author: Svetla Yancheva, Christina Yancheva


Bulgaria, having established diplomatic relations with China for 68 years, is a key country and an attractive stop along the Silk Road. Nowadays The Belt and Road Initiative is a solid foundation for the advancing cooperation in education, science and technology, and cultural exchange between the two countries. Besides rose oil, yogurt, and wine, China imports honey, bee products, processed meat, fruits, and vegetables from Bulgaria. The fruitful cooperation between the two countries can be further expanded in the field of agricultural sciences and agricultural engineering. Initiated cooperation is based on the promotion of agricultural science and technology under strategic frameworks such as the 16+1 between China and Central and Eastern European Countries. The latest development in the educational programs, fields of study, science, and internationalization, positioned the Agricultural University in Plovdiv, as a Center for the development of The 16+1 Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, harmonizing the R&D and investment projects of different target groups.

Keywords: agriculture, cooperation, science, technology