3. Morphological characterization and pathogenicity to ornamental plants of a Bulgarian isolate Phytophthora Plurivora

Author: Petya Christova, Aneta Lyubenova, Kaloyan Kostov, Slavtcho Slavov


Phytophthora plurivora, isolate RZlPan2016/25a, was derived from Zlatna Panega River at the time of a large-scale examination of Phytophthora distribution in aquatic ecosystems in Bulgaria. The species identification was performed using DNA sequence analysis of the ITS region and morphological characterization. The isolate RZlPan2016/25a demonstrated strong pathogenicity to oleander and azalea in a detached leaf bioassay. An application of fungicides Funguran OH 50 WP, Dithane® M-45, Acanto® and Acanto® Plus led to in vitro inhibition of P. plurivora growth. The potential threat for the wide range of hostspecies, including ornamental plants by P. plurivora is discussed as well as the necessity of effective control to prevent the spread of the pathogen worldwide.

Keywords: Phytophthora, disease, azalea, oleander