8. Street trees – current problems and technologies for construction and planting

Author: Tzenka Kouneva, Dobrina Andreeva


Reducing green areas in large urban areas is a precondition for the growing role of street landscaping. Especially in central urban areas with high building density, trees on the street most often remain the only tall vegetation at the natural terrain level.
A number of studies on the development of street trees over the last few decades in many European cities have shown that their condition is getting worse and their life span is far from their usual potential.
The purpose of the study is to pin down the most important problems of street landscaping and the technologuies used in foreign practices for overcoming the latter. Promoting them in Bulgaria would allow the introduction and respectively the establishment and maintenance of long-lasting street trees in large urban areas.
The study is based mainly on information from literary sources as well as on the survey of products offered by specialized foreign companies primarily for the purposes of street landscaping.

Keywords: street landscaping, street trees, urban trees