7. Yield of greenhouse tomatoes in conversion to organic production

Author: Kostadin Kostadinov, Stoyan Filipov, Violeta Valcheva


A study on some elements of the organic tomato production technology in steel glasshouses was carried out during the period 2012-2013 on the experimental field of the Agricultural University in Plovdiv. The following organic fertilizers were tested: Evrobio; Osmo Bio garden; Biofa; Orgamax; Agrobiosol; Naturale; Lumbrikompost; Alga 600 PO 2; Hemozim bio 5 N5P3K6; Hydrolysed proteins; Softgard. The organic fertilizers were introduced in their recommended norms. The influence of organic soil fertilizers and foliar spray on the productivity of greenhouse tomatoes grown by applying late production technology was studied. The productivity of the plants was determined as follows: early yield – 5 picks – kg/ha; total yield – the end of the vegetation (5 inflorescence) kg/ha. It was found that the organic fertilizers could provide for the primary nutrient needs when growing tomatoes in greenhouses by applying a late production technology. Some of the studied variants exceeded the control with chemical fertilizers N44😛8:K52 in total yield by 1.70 to 29.73%.

Keywords: greenhouse tomato, biological production, yield