1. The natural biocoenosis biodiversity and its protection in the village of Sheki, Bash Shabalid

Author: Mammedov C.İ., Shukurlu Y.H., Azizov F.Sh. Mustafabeyli H.L., Aliev Q.M.

DOI: n/a


The results of the exploration, scientific research and biological research works that have been carried out in the spring-summer-fall seasons of 2015 in the North-West region of Azerbaijan, near the specially protected natural area of the village of Bash Shabalid, located in the Shaki region- the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus have been presented for the first time in this paper.

The results of the exploration of the landscape characteristics of the area belonging to the Shinchay basin, its land relief, physical and geographical conditions, geomorphological structure, soil structure, hydrological network and dendroflora are to be found here.

According to the obtained data the scheme plan of the landscape have been compiled and intented to be used for future research and for protection measures. The preliminary obtained data about the area and the results of the research give grounds to say that the area meets all criteria specific for the natural biocoenosis and it is regarded unique nature with its required components, interesting and scientifically important, wild and cultivated, with rich biodiversity relic and endemic plants and the need for protection of the gene pool.

The article also provides information about the protection of the area in the future and implementable ways of innovative approach and the methods ensuring the efficient use of all natural resources.