17. Selection of optimal ISSR-marker systems for horses in the Ukraine

Author: U. Kurylenko, I. Suprun

DOI: n/a


Seven populations of horses (Arabian, Orlov Trotter, Trakehner, Thoroughbred, Novooleksandrivska draughtbreed, Ukrainianracebreed, and Przewalski) were studied to identify the most informative Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) marker systems. The number of amplicons and polymorphic locivaried considerably depending on the microsatellite motifused as a primer. In the first stage of our research we screened 10 marker systems on the basis of tri-nucleotide primers with different sequences and anchored nucleotides on the 3’ end. Based upon visual inspection of the clarity of the bands and potential for a high degree of polymorphisms, 4 of the 10 markers were selected for further evaluation. These 4 markers [(AGC)6G, (ACC)6G, (GTG)6A, (AGC)6C] were then used for the evaluation of variation within and across breeds by pooling DNA from individual horses for a specific breed. The (ACC)6G primers were associated with the most loci (24) and most polymorphic loci (19). The (AGC)6G primers resulted in the second highest number of loci (19) and polymorphic loci (15). These markers can be used for determination of a genetic distance between breeds and searching for phylogenetic connections. Use of these markers will also allow for an expansion of the pool of information about genetic variations among horse breeds.