2. Coleopteran species (INSECTA : Coleoptera), feeding on Saxaul (AMARANTHACEAE: НАLOXYLON) in desert areas of South-eastern Kazakhstan

Author: Bekzat К. Mombayeva, Bagdavlet Т. Taranov, Vili Harizanova

DOI: n/a


A study on the diversity, distribution, bio-ecology and harmfulness of insect pests, feeding on saxauls particularly in man-made areas, is considered an urgent task of the agro-ecological science in Kazakhstan.

As a result of the research in 2014-2015 a total of 17 Coleopteran species (Insecta: Coleoptera) were found in the desert areas in South-Eastern Kazakhstan, 6 of them being most common and potential pests of the vegetative and generative organs as well as of the root system of saxaul.

Among them, particularly dangerous as pests of the root system were Julodis variolaris Pall., Sphenoptera orichalcea Pall., and Sphenoptera potanini Jak.