11. Creation of lines restorers of fertility originating from interspecific hybrids

Author: Daniela Valkova, Nina Nenova, Valentina Encheva, Julia Encheva

DOI: n/a


Hybrid material, obtained by applying interspecific hybridization between cultivated sunflower and accessions of wild annual species Helianthus annuus, H. petiolaris, H. debilis and H. neglectus, maintained and preserved in the collection of DAI-General Toshevo, was used for the production of new sunflower fertility restorer lines. Sib-pollination, self-pollination and backcrossing were successfully applied. New R-lines were developed from preliminary tested hybrid material, obtained by repeated individual selection. They were characterized by resistance to leaf pathogens (Phomopsis helianthi/ Diaporthe helianthi Munt.-Cvet. et al., Phoma macdonaldii Boerema), downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii (Farl.) Berl. anddeToni/Pl. helianthi Novot.) and to the broomrape parasite (Orobanche cumana Wallr.). The new restorer lines combined useful agronomic traits – suitable vegetation period, prolonged period of flowering, 1,000 seeds weight, high seed set, high seed oil content, as well as avery good general combining ability. As a result of the study, new hybrids with the participation of those R-lines were produced.