10. Mutant sunflower line 103 RM developed by in vitro mutagenesis of genotype 249 R

Author: Julia Encheva, Daniela Valkova, Galin Georgiev, Valentina Encheva

DOI: n/a


Immature sunflower zygotic embryos of sunflower fertility restorer line 249 R were ultra sonically treated before planting onto embryo culture medium. Some mutant plants were isolated and thirteen generations were self-pollinated. New sunflower forms with inherited morphological and phytopathological changes were obtained through selection and self-pollination. The genetic alterations which appeared during the mutation procedure included some morphological, biochemical, phytopathological and phenological characters. Line 103 RM, a subject of this investigation, was characterized by significant changes affecting most of the studied characters. The results showed that mutagenesis in sunflower could be successfully used for developing new lines, useful for heterosis breeding.