8. Influence of some triazoles and imidazoles on the growth and photosynthetic activity of rape plants (Brassica napus)

Author: Malgozhata Berova, Nevena Stoeva, Lubka Koleva, Miroslava Kaymakanova

DOI: n/a


The purpose of this study was to study the growth and photosynthetic activity of young rape plants (Clearfield hybrid PX100) after treatment with Folicur 250 EW fungicides (of the triazoles group) and Caramba Turbo (of the imidazoles group) at a dose of 100 ml da-1. Growth inhibition of the aerial organs of the treated plants was observed as well as accelerated root formation. The photosynthetic activity, determined by the amount of photosynthetic pigments and leaf gas exchange parameters, was higher in the plants treated with Folicur 250 EW and Caramba Turbo. The obtained results show that the application of fungicides with growth regulating properties may increase the economic efficiency of rapeseed production.