33. Technological modules for breeding of ewes with and without milking in foothills and mountain areas

Author: Ivan Ts. Ivanov, Gercho V. Gerchev, Ivan S. Yankov

DOI: n/a


Two types of technological modules were developed – the first is for growing of 125 ewes with milking, together with the lambs until weaning-98-110 days of age at live weight of 26 kg, and the second for 250 ewes without milking with lambs to their realization at 33 kg live weight. Total production in kind is established on the basis of actual production, and its value is a result of the market prices. Material costs are calculated on the basis of market prices, FRZ with the SSS according to the current regulation. It was found that in both modules production costs exceed revenue significantly, as the rate of return was -10.3 % for the first and -6.9% for this without milking. Material costs for one animal do not differ significantly, but the labor is twice as low in the module without milking.