32. Content of nutrient substances of residuals after harvest of rap seed

Author: Dimo Penkov, Doycho Dimov, Hristo Hristev

DOI: n/a


A zootechnical and veterinary characteristic of the rapeseed residuals obtained after harvesting has been made. A laboratory sieve with a diameter of 2 mm has been used to divide the fodder into 2 fractions.
The content of nutrients (defined by Weende Method and the Van Soest Analysis) in the two fractions is significantly different. The content of nutrients in the upper dreg down fraction (which includes residual rape and rogue seeds) is significantly higher than the content in the in the upper fraction (which includes cocoon fruit shells).
Retention of the cocoon fruit shells from the fodder in the omasum is observed when the sheep are fed. The animals manifest signs of complete apathy and atony of the predstomashie which leads to severe digestive disorders.
Despite the higher content of nutrients in the forestomach, the authors do not recommend feeding ruminants with fodder, especially the small ones. Dividing the fodder into fractions through sieving is difficult and economically disadvantageous.