37. Study on the use of farm mixtures at broilers with a slow rate of growth

Author: Doina Leonte, Corneliu Leonte, Gabriel Vasile Hoha, Lenuta Fotea, Elena Costachescu

DOI: n/a


In Romania, unlike other european countries – especialy the ones from the EU, a significant part of the poultry meat production is acomplished in households, where the poultry is fed mostly cereal based foods (corn, wheat) and eventually their by-products, like wheat bran. The purpose of this research is to scientifically highlight the economic efficiency of growing broilers in the household system specific to our country and the posibilities to streamline this production. Research was carried on 4 lots of colored broilers (STARBRO-Fermier) raised on the ground; in the shelter the normal technological parameters of heat, light and ventilation were assured. Four feeding programs were used, with two types of fodder: standard combined fodders( complete ) and starter, growth and finishing. The fodder were made after specific household recipes with 60% wheat, 37% corn and 3 % wheat bran. From both livestock performance data and of the economic efficiency ones we find that when using household mixture results in all aspects are much lower than when the specific consumption (IC) and feed consumption for broiler are greater by 3.2 times, respectively 2.2 times.