16. Comparative research on some coriander variaties (Coriandrum sativum L.) by morfological, biological characteristics and farm quality

Author: Ivan Yanchev, Vanya Delibaltova, Тzvetanka Raicheva, Veli Veliev

DOI: n/a


The field experiment was carried out on the Scientific-Experimental and Introductory Facility of the Department of Plant Growing at the AU – city of Plovdiv in the 2008-2011 periods. The experiment was performed by means of a block method with four replications; experimental field area – 15 m2. Comparative research on five foreigner selection coriander variaties: Maroccana, American long, Sandra, Bulgarian microcarpum and Alekseevski. Under cultivation is adopted technology for Bulgaria with autumn sowing and rate of 300 k.s./m2. Phenophase were examined, structural elements, the mass of 1000 fruits and yield. The results show that the highest yield of fruit is realized by American long 2630 kg ha, followed by a variety of Moroccan – 2400 kg/ha, variety Sandra – 2190 kg/ha, Local small variety – 1800 kg/ha and variety Alekseevski – 1600 kg/ha. Varieties of American long, Moroccan and Sandra belongs to large-fruited forms, most largefruited has var. American long reaching mass 9.15 g. Variety is the American long exceedimg other varieties whit 8 to 22 days.