15. Comparative study of austrian durum wheat varieties

Author: Tanko Kolev, Zhivko Todorov, Mariya Mangova, Lyubka Koleva

DOI: n/a


During the period 2007-2010 a field experiment was performed in the experimental field of the Department of Plant Growing at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv. The following Austrian varieties of Durum wheat were studied: Superdur, Auradur, Logidur and Lunadur.
The experiment was performed in compliance with the block method; it was repeated four times, and the size of the cultivated field was 15 m2. We compared the tested varieties with the Bulgarian standard for productivity of the Progress variety. The aim of the research was to determine the productivity of some Austrian varieties of Durum wheat in South Bulgaria.
The highest grain yield was achieved with the Austrian variety of Durum wheat Superdur – 3.56 t/ha with 190 kg/ha (5.6%), next was Auradur – 3.45 t/ha, with 80 kg/ha (2.4%) more grains than Progress. The productivity of the other two Austrian Durum wheat varieties – Logidur and Lunadur is lower than the standard.