13. Production of vegetables in Bulgaria and the European union – current situation and conditions for development

Author: Georgi Toskov

DOI: n/a


The production of vegetables is one of the main traditional branches of Bulgarian agriculture. For the period 2007- 2010, the average amount of the Bulgarian vegetable production represents 4. 85% of the total crops production in the country.
This article aims to analyze the situation and conditions for the development of vegetable production in Bulgaria as compared with that of the European Union (EU).This article contains official statistical data for the period from 2007 to 2010. The analysis indicates an increase of the vegetable production by 52.4% for the mentioned period. One of the main reasons for that are the utilized EU subsidies.
The article claims that of the Bulgarian vegetable production is directly dependent on several main factors, namely quality of the production, positioning on the foreign markets and competition of countries within and outside the EU.