11. History and Dynamics in the Development of the Thoroughbred Horse Population Families in Bulgaria. Influence of Mares Imported from Poland, Hungary and Germany

Author: Georgi Barzev, Radka Vlaeva

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.06.011


The study covers a total of 10 families. The foundation mares of those families were imported from Poland (6), Hungary (3) and Germany (1). The development of the families was up to the third – fifth generation with a small number of mares (53 in total for the study). Currently 15 of them are in season. Compared with the total number of mares from families originating from mares imported from Russia and Romania, the number of broodmares is significantly lower. However, they have an important role in maintaining a broader genealogical basis of the population in Bulgaria.