10. Characterization and Conservation of Bulgarian Autochthonous Goat Breeds

Author: Sider Sedefchev, Atanas Vuchkov, Atila Sedefchev

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.06.010


The autochthonous goat breeds in Bulgaria are still not well investigated. All local populations are mentioned under the common name local goats in the literature because of that fact.
BBPS Semperviva have undertaken field investigations since the year 2000, as well as steps for characterization and monitoring of two autochthonous goat breeds – Kalofer Long-haired and Bulgarian Screwhorn Long-haired. The Kalofer Long-haired goat is a specific and attractive old local breed described for the first time a few years ago. In the past Bulgarian screwhorn long-haired goats were exported to Germany. For more than 40 years they are purebred there. During the same period, this local breed was almost neglected in its country of origin.
Because of their small population, both breeds are endangered by extinction. Urgent measures for their sustainable conservation are necessary to be taken.