9. Description and Body Measurements of the Kalofer Long-Haired Goat Breed In the Region of Kalofer

Author: Atanas Vuchkov, Doytcho Dimov

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.06.009


This is a first step in studying the Kalofer Long-haired goat breed. It is a local goat breed reared in the mountainous area of the Central Balkan that has become popular with farmers over the last ten years in relation to the demand for mummer suit furs. Five herds were visited and 42 does and 12 bucks were chosen for the purposes of the study. The abundant long coat is a special feature of the Kalofer Long-haired goat breed, whose length varies between 26.42 cm and 29.42 cm, respectively at wither and rump. Different colour of the coat can be found in the population – grey, white, black, black and white, red, red and white. The Kalofer Long-haired goat breed can be classified as a medium size breed with height at withers of 72.26 cm and 82.00 cm for females and males respectively. The diagonal body length values were very similar to the height at withers, which creates the impression of a square-shaped body. The heart girths were 88.84 cm in females and 100.76 cm in males. À sloping rump and a bang over the forehead were special features of the Kalofer Longhaired goat breed. Most of the goats had horns (90.50%), but hornless does and bucks could also be found. The bucks had horns of 44.44 cm in length and a distance of 67.27 cm between the top points of the horns. The long coat, as well as the size and shape of the head and ears are important features of a desired type of animals used by breeders in the selection