21. Thermal resources of Ukraine in the conditions of climate change

Author: Kalinka Kouzmova, Anatolii Nikolaevich Polevoy, Ludmila Effimovna Bozhko

22. Diagnostics of phytoplasma disease on the ornamental and medicinal plant periwinkle Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. in Bulgaria

Author: Dimitriyka Sakalieva

23. Research of the impact of the river Danube on the Srebarna biosphere reserve by the model ecosystem Abramis Brama – macroinvertebrates – sediments

Author: Mariya Chunchukova, Sonya Shukerova, Diana Kirin

24. Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy for the analysis of crude extract of Cotinus Coggygria (cotinus coggygria scop; anacardiaceae)

Author: Yusif Shukurlu H., Shukurova Z.Y., Ismailova A.Ch., Azizov F.Sh.

2. The effect of cultivar type and soil nutrient supplementationon the total polyphenol content in onion (allium cepa l.)

Author: Andrejiová Alena, Kóňová Elka, Nikolay Panayotov

4. Biochemical features of wine materials from white highly adaptive varieties of grapes

Author: Dergunov Alexander, Lopin Sergey