1. Vigour, vigour tests and sowing potential of vegetable seeds

Author: Nikolay Panayotov


Obtaining of the stable and quality agricultural production is directly related to the quality of the seed. Most vegetable crops are propagated by seed. Therefore the question about potential of the used seeds is essential in growing of vegetable crops. Besides traditional germination shift lately more attention not only in science, but in practice also is paid to their vigour. This is the indicator that gives an idea not only whether the seeds will germinate and sprout, but how they will develop normal seedlings in a wide range of the environmental conditions. This article presents a rеview of significant achievements in the world science in this scope. The main topics for the initiation of the idea and the essence of the vigour and the stages through which it has passed, the development to contemporary concept and methods for its establishment, achievements and growing importance are discussed. The particulars, positive aspects and disadvantages of the basic tests that apply that applied for determination of the vigour are followed. At the same time in the keys of the article are included many own research in this area as well as the method developed by author for determining the seed viogou named „Initial vegetative productivity of seeds“. In conclusion are set out the important and significant achievements by unresolved issues as well as indicate the further direction in which it is necessary to develop this part of Seed Science.

Key words: seeds, germination, tests, vigour, germination