11. Changes in the chlorophyll fluorescence of common winter wheat depending on the weed infestation and the date of application of a set of herbicides

Author: Zlatko Zlatev, Zornitsa Petrova, Emil Penchev

16. Age structure of populations of the cyst nematode Heterodera filipjevi (heteroderidae: nematoda) on different wheat and barley varieties

Author: Zhenya Ilieva, Iliyan Iliev, Bozhan Zarkov

17. In vitro screening for insecticidal activity of natural pesticides based on plant soaps against Aphis nerii boyer de fonscolombe and macrosiphum rosae (l.) (hemiptera: aphididae)

Author: Donyo Ganchev, Daniela Atanasova

18. Synthesis, characterization, theoretical calculations and antimicrobial studies of substituted 3-aminocyclohexanespiro-5-hydantoins

Author: Marin Marinov, Emilia Naydenova, Rumyana Prodanova, Nadezhda Markova, Petja Marinova, Iliana Kostova, Iliyana Valcheva, Donka Draganova, Mladen Naydenov, Plamen Penchev, Neyko Stoyanov