17. In vitro screening for insecticidal activity of natural pesticides based on plant soaps against Aphis nerii boyer de fonscolombe and macrosiphum rosae (l.) (hemiptera: aphididae)

Author: Donyo Ganchev, Daniela Atanasova

DOI: n/a


The insecticidal activity of four natural products based on soaps prepared from plant oils (sunflower and olive) against Aphis nerii Boyer de Fonscolombe and Macrosiphum rosae (L.) was evaluated in vitro. It was found that SLGEL1521OLT, SLUN and OLGEL manifested the strongest insecticidal activity against both aphids.

A higher efficacy was observed towards M. rosae, as compared with A. nerii. The number of surviving individuals was recorded after 24h.

The efficacy was estimated by means of the Henderson and Tilton formula (1955) and the results were statistically analyzed with the R language for statistical computing (R Development Core Team, 2011) and the drc R language package.