4. The Great Reset – a key for transformation of Bulgarian agriculture

Author: George Guerov


This scientific article explores the potential of The Great Reset initiative to revive Bulgarian agriculture by proposing a transformative approach to address the critical challenges faced by the sector. The paper employs a logical sequence of analysis and argumentation beginning with a literature review on The Great Reset and its potential impact on the sector. The analysis highlights the pressing need for a structural reform in Bulgarian agriculture. The paper proposes a reframing process to address these challenges through The Great Reset framework, drawing on insights and findings to develop specific recommendations for policymakers, farmers, and other stakeholders.
The results section of the paper highlights the potential impact of The Initiative on the transformation of Bulgarian agriculture. The discussion section analyzes the positive and negative correlation between The Great Reset policies and the transformation of Bulgarian agriculture. The paper concludes that The Great Reset is not only desirable, but could also be a necessary catalyst for the transformation of Bulgarian agriculture. The conclusion section provides practical guidance for stakeholders seeking to embrace a divergent vision for the sector. This scientific article offers a convincing case for why The Great Reset initiative can be  crucial for the transformation of Bulgarian agriculture. It underscores the importance of a holistic, collaborative, and forward-looking approach that can help unlock the potential of Bulgarian agriculture and position it for long-term sustainability and growth. As such, it contributes to the ongoing debates about the future of agriculture in Bulgaria and offers action oriented recommendations.

Keywords: Great Reset, agriculture, Bulgaria