8. Statistical analysis of the height of hybrid plants Kn-517 and Kn-613 depending on mineral fertilization and crop density

Author: Kameliya Koynarska, Sonya Goranovska, Lyuba Glogova


The study was conducted between 2020 and 2022 in the experimental field of the Maize Research Institute-Knezha. The subject of the study is the following hybrids: Kn-517 group 500-600 FAO with a density 5500 p/da and 6000 p/da; Kn-613 group over 600 FAO with a density of 5200 p/da and 5700 p/da. The cultivated hybrids of each variation measured the height of 10 plants. The maize was grown under control variant T0 – without fertilization and two fertilization levels: Т1 – N8.5P5.4K6.4 and T2 – N17P10.8K12.8. On average for the period 2020-2022 on the Kn-517 hybrid the highest average height of xaverage = 268.33 cm was measured at a density of 6000 p/da and fertilized with N17P10.8K12.8. The best result of xaverage = 276.00 cm at the average height in years was in 2021 and the density was 5500 p/da. In the same year, seed density and fertilization with N17P10.8K12.8 was measured maximum height Max = 285.00 cm. The coefficient of variation was the lowest of CV=3.61% for fertilization with N8.5P5.4K6.4 and the highest of CV=4.77% for fertilizer N17P10.8K12.8 and a density 5500 p/da. This quantity changed by years from CV=2.57% in 2020 to CV=4.35% in 2022 and 6000 p/da. On average for the period 2020-2022 the Kn-613 hybrid for both densities of 5200 p/da and 5700 p/da was the largest average height of xaverage = 279.33 cm and xaverage = 279.67 cm measured by fertilizing with N17P10.8K12.8. The study indicator had the best score in 2021. In the same year a maximum height of Max=296.00 cm was measured at 5700 p/da and fertilization with N17P10.8K12.8. The coefficient of variation changed from CV=3.37% for N0P0K0 to CV=4.90% for N17P10.8K12.8 and a density of 5200 p/da. For the years this quantity ranged from CV=2.53% in 2022 to CV=3.67% in 2021 and 5200 p/da.

Keywords: maize hybrids, density, fertilization, height of the plants