7. Study of agrorobot resistance to movement during plant protection operations

Author: Georgi B. Ivanov


Conventional robotic systems in agriculture are driven by operator control or are those that move along an established path. Unfortunately, however, in the field an established path is a very conditional concept. It is not possible to fix the route along which the robot will move, because different crops alternate on the same field. It is necessary to assess whether the robot is taking samples from the terrain and the crop, whether it will perform a plant protection event or other type of operation. Plant protection operations are accompanied by a constant change in the mass of the agricultural robot. During the operation, the mass of the sprayed solution decreases. This change leads to a decrease in its resistance.
In order to be able to design an agricultural robot, it is necessary to establish its stability in different terrains. This article discusses the main points in determining the longitudinal sustainability of agricultural robots. Dependencies for the conditions of sustainability of the agricultural robot when climbing and descending are derived. The article is an overview and helps to determine the robot’s resilience faster.

Keywords: agro robots, stability, robots suspension, study, models, design