3. Macedonia boulevard linear park design for reduced transport noise pollution

Author: Mariya P. Grozeva


The modern urban life is characterized by the concentration of large masses of people in territories with a dynamic infrastructure. This requires ensuring and maintaining a higher ecological standard for the urban population. One of the axes of such standard is the provision of acoustic comfort to the urban environment, through decorative vegetation for noise dust and gas protection. An urban design should plan and provide eco-zones for every public space in the city, including boulevards and streets. The considered project offers specific solutions with sustainable plant species to achieve acoustic and aesthetic comfort of the environment, taking into account the adjacent environment and the status of the object – a monument of the garden – park art. By means of linear compositions, with physiologically resistant and long-lasting types of vegetation planted in a heavy urban environment, a good result for noise and dust protection was achieved. At the same time, decorative vegetation affects habitus, texture, color and aromas. Through a „Green Tram“ additional horizontal vegetative area is provided a microclimate and low noise pollution level. The research and analysis in the project also formulate the need for an urban planning strategy for ecological planning and organization in order to ensure long-term acoustic comfort for the city’s inhabitants.

Keywords: ecological landscaping, plants in an urban environment, noise protection, ecological infrastructure