4. Phenological observations on Syrah red wine variety clones

Author: Anelia Popova, Ludmil Angelov


Vine undergoes seasonal changes repeated annually in a certain sequence. In the spring time, the shoots’ development and inflorescences begin, flowering occurs, and in the summer the berry size increases, after the grapes and shoots ripen. This period of active life is called the growing season. The main phenological stages duration: bud burst, first leaf appearance, first inflorescens appearance, flowering, bunch clossure and technological maturity (veraison)  differ for each variety (clone). The length of the growing season for each variety is directly related to the vineyard location, air and soil temperature, soil moisture and management practices. This study aims to compare the main phenological stages and determine the differences between clones from the Syrah variety, regarding the influence of air temperature.

Keywords: grapevine phenology, clones, climate change, air temperature, Syrah