3. Efficacy of certain foliar herbicides in the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) and their effect on the blossom and essential oil yield

Author: Desislava Angelova, Ganka Baeva, Svetlin Ivanon


During the period 2020-2021 at the experimental field of the Institute for roses and aromatic plants – Kazanlak on meadow-cinnamon soil a field experiment was carried out in the oil-bearing rose plantation (Rosa damascena Mill.). The study was carried out on the herbicidal efficacy and selectivity of Centurion super (120g/l clethodim) and Cliofar 600 SL (600g/l clopyralid) applied in vegetation of the culture. High biological efficacy of 88-91% of clethodim has been reported against annual monocotyledon weeds and 90-92% against perennial weeds. Clopyralid has a high herbicidal effect on the annual and perennial dycotyledon weeds – 90-96%. During the study period, a higher yield of fresh blossom was obtained with the herbicides used compared to the control by 230 and 700kg/ha. With regard to the amount of essential oil obtained, it was found that the herbicides under study exceeded the control by an average of 285 and 425kg/ha. The results of the study show that in all herbicide-treated variants, visual symptoms of phytotoxicity were not observed.

Keywords: Rosa damascena Mill., weeds, herbicides, yield