4. Wine tourism in the concept of tourist zoning in Bulgaria

Author: Tanya Yoncheva, Pelo Mihaylov


This article reviews the role and place that wine tourism holds in the specialization of the different tourist regions in the country according to the current Concept for Touristic Zoning of Bulgaria (2015). It was clarified for which of the tourist regions wine tourism is the main, respectively complementary type of tourism. Along with that, a comparison was made between the tourism zoning adopted in our country and one of the viticultural zonings which reveals five viticultural regions. It was established that wine tourism was listed as the main or a complementary type of tourism for four out of five identified wine – growing regions. An attempt has been made to explain the absence of wine tourism both in the main and in the additional specialization of Varna and/or Burgas Black Sea tourist regions which are part of the Eastern („Black Sea“) viticultural region of Bulgaria.

Keywords: wine tourism, concept, tourist zoning, specialization