9. The effect of the substitution of grain components with a high proportion of bakery wastes on the Clarc of energy distribution and the Clarc of protein transformation in the eco-technical chain ‘fodder – layer’s eggs’

Author: Dimo Penkov, Svetlana Grigorova, Alexandar Peltekov


The including of 15 and 20% bread wastes in the combined fodders for layers of net utilization of energy and protein has been studied. Two new indexes of net utilization have been introduced: Clarc of energy distribution (CED) – the relation between consumed metabolizable energy and accumulated gross energy in the egg mélange and Clarc of protein transformation – the relation between consumed crude protein and accumulated crude protein in the egg mélange. The following results have been established: CED (fodder – egg mélange): Control group – 0.1820; 15% bread wastes – 0.1851; 20% bread wastes – 0.1887; CPT(fodder – egg mélange)  –  0.2358; 0.2405 and 0.2460 respectively. The authors establish a tendency for hens that have consumed more bread wastes to show a higher effectiveness for the net protein transformation.

Keywords: Clarc of energy distribution, Clarc of protein transformation, fodder, layer’s eggs