11. Pisum elatius in the flora of Bulgaria

Author: Siyka Angelova, Mariya Sabeva, Yana Guteva, Ilia Cheschmedzhiev


At the Northern Black Sea coast – Kaliakra cape and Yailata (Kamen briyag) are identified as two localities of Pisum elatius.  Pisum elatius is one of the priority species of wild relatives of grain legumes crops group, more specifically for the cultivated pea (Pisum sativum). The localities are quoted at the flora of Bulgaria and have been confirmed by the team annually for the period 1998 – 2020. Plant morphological description in the flowering phase and bean formation is done and the structure, size and populations vulnerability are described. The differences in the species at both localities are found in the plant’s habitus,  height and positioning. Seeds from the species have been collected for ex situ collection.

Keywords: Pisum elatius, Flora of Bulgaria, expeditions, in situ, ex situ collection