6. Dependencies in the development of poultry farming in some Balkan countries

Author: Delyana Dimova


Information concerning poultry farming (chickens, ducks, geese and guinea fowls) is the object of study in the current paper. It has been extracted from the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The obtained data about the four Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Albania) have been saved in a separate Excel file. Subsequently, they have been processed and evaluated. The surveyed period includes 58-year time interval from 1961 to 2018.
The article presents the dependencies in the development of poultry farming in the listed countries for the indicated period. A comparative analysis and an analysis of variance have been applied to the considered data. The examined information has also been summarized and presented mainly in graphical form.
The results of the analysis showed the relevant time intervals in which a continuous growth, as well as a significant decline of the studied indicators (number of chickens, number of ducks, number of geese and guinea fowls) was established for each of these four Balkan countries.
The statistical assessment of the number of chickens in the examined countries formed three groups with statistically significant differences. Data for Albania were excluded from the evaluation of the other two indicators because the provided information about them was for the period from 1994 to 2011.

Keywords: data analysis, assessment, poultry farming, Balkan countries