10. Determining the energy efficiency of an agrorobot

Author: Ivan Mitkov, Veselin Harizanov, Georgi Komitov


The problem of feeding the population and the lack of trained staff for growing crops is increasing all over the world. This inevitably leads to a change in technology for growing crops. These new technologies rely on autonomous robotic systems for the continuous cultivation of crops without human personnel. Robots are small, smart, interconnected, lightweight machines that aim to release the person from the basic everyday pursuits. Globally, there is a trend in agriculture to automate the hard manual labor with continued increases in yields to feed the population. This article discusses the problems of determining the main energy aspects of agricultural robots. Guidelines are given for determining the energy saving of the robot, depending on the time for its long autonomous operation, the terrain to be cultivated and a number of other factors. Exemplary values of the energy required to drive the agricultural robot and the time for energy recovery through renewable energy sources have been determined.

Keywords: energy, RES, agrorobots, autonomous work.