10. Development, management and competitiveness of the city of Katowice, Poland, as a business tourism product

Author: Ivan Kilimperov, Dymitr Nowak


Business tourism is one of the most profitable segments in the industry. Its attractiveness is due to three to five times higher revenues. This is due to the following factors: It is practiced by solvent people (businessmen, politicians, cultural figures, diplomats, researchers, etc.). They usually have higher requirements for the conditions and quality of the services offered, based on their lifestyle and belonging to the wealthier sections of the society. Business tourism is profitable given the fact that as a result of the meetings held in the country business contacts are established, foreign investments are attracted, variety of sectors of the economy are developed as a result of the agreements reached.

The aim of the article is to show the development of the city of Katowice and its place on the map of Poland as a tourist destination for business and congress tourism, as well as the vision of the city’s competitiveness: innovation, improving the quality of service; improving the organizational structure of the destination.

Keywords: tourism, business tourism, innovations, destination management, destination for business and congress tourism.