4. Connection between the laurel essential oil content and the plant generative reproduction features

Author: Shorena Kapanadze, Roland Kopaliani, Giorgi Getsadze


The only species of the world wide industrially spread Laurel – Noble Laurel represents the difficult population, especially by the content of the essential oil. Because today the world market demand for Laurel products is high, the goal of the researches was to determine the connection between the previously selected high essential oil content forms of Laurel and the plant generative reproduction features.
The object of the research was the previously selected highly productive forms, and their vegetative and generative generation of commercial variations of Laurel spread in Western Georgia. Ginsberg’s micro method and microscopic analysis method were used in the research. Based on the aforementioned, it was determined that only in the highly oil productive forms the oil content indicator was high in all cases of the same external morphological seedlings (according to the leaf morphology), and the difference between the features was in significant, while in other forms of the mother plant and their seedlings the oil content was different. It was also determined that the reexisted some correlation between the leaf thickness and oil content.

Keywords: generative generation, oil content, constant generation, seed plant, morphology