30. Wine tourism as part of the agritourism product

Author: Ivan Kilimperov


Bulgaria offers excellent conditions for the development of viticulture which is the basis of wine-making and wine tourism. Over the past 20 years this type of tourism has marked significant growth in Bulgaria and up to the present moment there is hardly a winery or a wine cellar that does not offer tourism services as well.
In addition to its independent form wine tourism can also be seen through the prism of agricultural tourism and the development of agriculture and rural areas. The key objective of this presentation is to establish the relationship between wine and agricultural tourism and their ability to increase the efficiency of small-scale producers of grapes and wine.
In this context, we will consider the possibilities for combining tourism services and supplying an overall tourism product based on wine, traditions and customs connected with wine-making, agricultural practices and the specific agritourism animation in vineyards and wineries.
The emphasis should be on agritourism activities. In this case small-scale producers may “aim at” those tourists who consider the entire wine-making process important and not just the wine as a drink or the experience in the wine cellar.

Key words: agricultural tourism, rural tourism, wine tourism, connections, agritourism product